Japan 2020

I’m planning on going to a language school in Japan late 2019 or early 2020 just in time for the Olympics. I been slowly relearning Japanese and worked with a tutor online over italki.com it was fun but I’m still lacking stuff so I’m hoping I can get back to where I’m supposed to be.

My acoustic EP is almost done and I’m know I’m really late about that but I’m only needing one more song and I’m done! I also got a new novel series about eSports and I wrote a storyboard/outline for it. For fans of Esports and Sword Art Online.

Besides my dream to study in Japan (Which is still my dream since 2009), I’m re-working on my portfolio by using a bootstrap template and rediscovered my love for software. I remember in 2002 or 2003 when I first discovered RPG Maker was when I wanted to be a developer. I almost stumbled upon Zelda Online which was coded in Visual Basic 6 so I knew at the time I wanted to be one but as I got older and the more stupid I got (in school) I ended up wanted to be a detective but now I’m a self published writer and aiming to become a digital nomad Web Developer.

My goal by the time I get to Japan is to become a Full-Stack JavaScript Developer which skills in many other languages such as Java and PHP. I will also learn the in and outs of Unity and Visual Novel Maker.


More stuff soon.


First draft completed

I finished the first draft of my first novel today. I hit 40k words and after I do the 2nd draft (which I just go back edit when I can and add more) and I’m hoping by the end it’ll be about 42-50k words. I’m having a couple of people beta read it early next year and I’m hoping to launch and publish it in the Spring.  I been writing a couple of short stories which I will bring out online eventually. (Looking for a place to publish them).

The short stories is about Inspector Gregory Mouse who works somewhere in the West solving cases while trying to balance his team out.  I wrote one so far and planning on writing a second one in the coming weeks. My other short story that I wrote for a short story contest is done and I’m going to submit after I edit it. It’s 13 pages long and it’s about Arthur Rathbone solving a mystery.


Anyways, that’s all I got so far and my web dev dream is still in progress. I been working on sites and working on my portfolio. My RPG is pretty much 90% done. Just gotta polish it and it’s good to go!

Writing Goals

I was able to partner up with an awesome illustrator/artist from New Zealand so I’m pretty excited to say that my Web Novel is about to get kick off soon! Prologue and Chapter 1 will be released at the same day. So check it out late November/Early December.

Also, the first draft of my first novel of a trilogy of books (that takes place in the same world/timeline, not directly sequels to one another) is almost done. Once I finish that I should be able to kick off my Web Novel before coming over to this one. My goal to work overseas (especially Japan) is still there and I’m hoping to become an established writer or developer by then!

My Web Development course is almost coming to an end so I’m looking for jobs and other ways to learn. There are new tech coming out like all the time so I gotta keep up with the current trend and hopefully learn and work as I go.

Anyways, new episodes my vlog will be up on my youtube here http://youtube.com/djknitex

My upcoming RPG/GOALS

So I been working hard when I can on my RPG that I been planning out for the past year. It’s a short RPG that can be finished in just a few hours. Something simple for me to test the engine. I have some other plans as well for upcoming games and I’m pretty stoked about the new Visual Novel Maker that Degica/Kadokawa are releasing.

I started writing my novel that I been putting off for years and I’m finally getting back into it. I just recently started writing short stories again. I’m planning on submitting one for a short story contest. I’m also been searching for an artist for a long term collaboration project. I been sucked into Eromanga-sensei and been drawing out a storyboard for a light novel series.

My goal is to go to Japan in 2019 to study, make new friends and continue my life as a professional web developer/writer.

I know my music game hasn’t been good lately but I’m planning on releasing possibly 2 more mixtapes alongside a “A Collection of Mess” again for my 10th Anniversary project as Dj Knite X.

Anyways, my latest mixtape has been out which can be downloaded @ http://djknitex.bandcamp.com

my first verison of my portfolio is online which you can check out @ http://nikkix.me

Guild Ball and New Music

So I started writing new music for my next mixtape that I will drop next year but in the mean time I been playing Guild Ball every weekend and it feels like it’s something I can invest my free time into. Well besides playing FFXIV.


So Guild Ball is a 1v1 tabletop game where you pit 2 guilds (teams) against each other. It’s like a mix of soccer/rugby. You try to score points and knock people out hoping you can get a win. It’s made from Steamforged and it’s a really competitive game. I wouldn’t consider this tabletop wargaming as you don’t have to shell out hundreds of dollars just to play with a bunch of miniatures. Guild Ball is played on a 3×3 board/mat with only 6 models per team. Simple. It’s cheap compared to most games. 75$ can score you a 6 man team or 70$ for two teams from the starter set. As you can see here we are playing for beer and it’s been a pretty fun game. We played up to 6 points cause of time restrictions but it was fun overall. I’m hoping to actually play this game competitively and win tournaments yo.



What you see here is stuff from the Kick-Off Starter Box and that is worth the money especially for newer players wanting to get into the game. Anyways I’m off to have some fun and see you guys again soon.

Artist of The Week : Hump Back (Emo/Indie Pop)


For fans of: The Wombats (UK) (pre-This Modern Glitch), Modern Baseball (US), MAMY (JP), Polkadot Stringrays (JP) and Aaron West & The Roaring Twenties (US)


Ever since I picked up their debut cd “”夜になったら” which can be bought on Amazon JP (Link Below). I been jamming this cd non stop. As one of my favorite bands from Japan, alongside Split end and Nature Living, I put them as one of the catchiest pop punk bands I have ever listened to.

Helping with my studies for the JLPT N4, listening to Japanese music has increased my memory for listening and decoding words I have already learned. Singing along is pretty cool too especially when you can hit all the notes with the correct prounication. Labeled by many as an  “All-Girl Rock Band” which isn’t wrong but I wouldn’t use that as a genre as I have seen many use that to describe their sound, especially when comments are like “They sound like a girl rock band” or “They have that girl rock sound” Like what does that even mean? But that argument is for another story. I would classify them as an emo/indie pop band. They remind me of the old Wombats, another indie pop band from England before they went more pop. For anyone who understands Japanese, their lyrics seems to be towards the emo sound while trying to keep that indie pop sound. So you can hear the catchyness while drowning yourself in sorrows.

I’m not hating or anything, I’m all for emo music and Hump Back has brought that genre back alongside other bands including another Japanese band Split end, which do happened to be an “all girl rock band” but Split end would be more Emo than pop.

There are two music videos to celbrate their mini album release which one of them “嫌になる” is one of my favorites off the album. 月まで is also a music video and while I do like the song there are other songs off the cd that I enjoy more. My all time favorite from the cd is ” 短編小説” which in my opinion is the most catchiest song they have. The rest of the cd has some good hits. “夢の途中” has an interesting folkish sound with added “gang vocals” for emphasis which is a staple in most punk music. It’s one of the slow ones but it’s a good song nonetheless. “いつか” starts out slow then goes into a fast pace punk rock sound for all you punk fans. “チープマンデー” this one reminds me of Polkadot Stringray and it’s a fun song to move to. “ぎんのうた” is probably the slowest song on the cd as it doesn’t have that much of a tempo change compared to “いつか”. “ヒーロー” is a similar track to “いつか”, starting out slow and picking up the pace later in the song. Catchy as hell still. “嫌になる” is my 2nd favorite off the cd and one of the lead singles from the band, it’s catchy and fun to sing along too. But don’t take my word for it, check them out here.


Rating: 8/10
Worth it?: YES.


Twitter: https://twitter.com/_humpback_?lang=en

Amazon: https://www.amazon.co.jp/%E5%A4%9C%E3%81%AB%E3%81%AA%E3%81%A3%E3%81%9F%E3%82%89-Hump-Back/dp/B01M2ZH1TZ/ref=sr_1_1?ie=UTF8&qid=1504923365&sr=8-1&keywords=hump+back


New Laptop, New Car and New Goal

So with my new laptop and my dream to become a Digital Nomad gave me a new goal to achieve. With the University Bootcamp for Front End Development I feel that I can actually use the skills that I’m learning in class to actually be a developer. I know I can’t be as good as developers who has been doing this for years but I can get up there.

At my new job, I’m planning on working up to be a Front End Dev just to learn the ropes and study some frameworks. I need to keep up with current trends and modern web development to actually make it on my own.

My other goal is to make a small start up for web development with friend and classmate in the front end dev class. Nothing too big, not trying to become a fortune 500 company. But a small company where we are much like a family and given the freedom to just remotely wherever and whenever we want.

The vlogs that I been working on has been doing great, nothing very big, since I’m not really advertising it but I am getting it together with about 16 weeks left. I wonder what we will learn and what we can achieve by the end of the course.

Anyways my new laptop is a refurb Dell XPS 13 (9350) running Manjaro Linux. No dual boot. Straight Linux distro. I’m able to run Visual Studio Code and work on my short stories on here so it’s perfect. I also got a Civic Si 2012 because my mom wanted me to get a Honda if it was cheap enough to take to work. Why get a regular Honda if I can get an Si? My mom wouldn’t help me co-sign for a Type R. I’m about that VTEC K24 Life yo. Just kidding. I love my Nissans.

Anyways you guys will be hearing from me soon.