My BMS Journey and the return to DJing.

I started playing IIDX again but since it’s kind of hard to play in the arcades around here and I’m bored of the songs on the PS2 I decided to play BMS where the community is still striving. It took awhile to setup and my 5th Dan IIDX (As of Copula) skills didn’t transfer over and I had to start over. BMS is a lot harder. So hopefully I can learn from this and take over when I go back to a Round 1 to play some IIDX.

LR2 2017-06-07 23-08-45
I got Shodan (Lowest possible Grade)

I actually lost to the Shodan course twice yesterday and it was embarrassing because of what my actual skill is. But after a couple hours of practice I was able to come back.


LR2 2017-06-08 00-52-28.png
4th Dan, Working my way up!

Eventually I was warmed up to play the harder courses. I failed at the last stage for 5th Dan but I was able to clinch the win for 4th Dan. So it looks like my skills are coming back and I’m hoping to be able to save my scores and post them here to be the best Music Game Player in Arkansas. (I also play DDR, Pump It Up, and Voez)

Anyways for my new DJing equipment. I’m getting two Pioneer PLX-1000s and a Traktor Z2. I do love my Traktor.


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