My Artist of the Week: Split end – Emo/Indie Band from Japan

Bands I think they are similar to:  Have Mercy, The Early November, Modern Baseball

So I discovered this band on Youtube when I was just surfing. One suggestion led to another and I came across this band. ロストシー (Lost Sea) the first song I heard from them, I expected it to be a a catchy indie band, but when the drop came at 0:17, I was hooked. I was like okay okay I can dig this. From that moment, I was like “They have that Have Mercy sound” As I progressed to their other songs, such as レインコート (Raincoat), a song that sounds really similar to The Early November’s debut EP “For All of This”. This band is really catchy and I have yet to purchase any of their music since most indie bands from Japan is rarely on iTunes or Spotify. Good news is that there is a website that sells music from Japan that will ship worldwide. One of the most interesting things about this band is the all-female quartet. Most bands nowadays consists mainly of male members with the exceptions of female leads. Since music has been evolving there has been many bands/artists where they would compete with their male counter-parts. (Paramore for example with the pop-punk/rock scene). Split end is not as big as other female bands such as Band-Maid or Scandal but I’m glad to hear some fresh indie music instead of the usual pop music from Japan. I been jamming these guys almost everyday these past week and I need more of this. Give them a listen as I will link their music videos below. I hope to be able to review an official release from them as I am craving for more music. Tune in next week for another “My Artist of the Week.”

I recommend this band if you like: Emo/Indie music, wants to listen to indie bands from Japan or interested in listening to an all female band.

Music Videos:

ロストシー (Lost Sea)


レインコート (Raincoat)



Official Youtube

Official Twitter


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