My Dream Job

You wanna know what my dream job is? My dream job is to have a “No-Show” Job. Doesn’t even matter what kind of job it is, I can be a toilet inspector and as I know as I have the No-Show title, I’m set.

But to be serious, I’m working on becoming a Web Developer. I’m hoping to land a Front-End Dev Job by the end of the year and my end game goal to be a Full Stack Developer making web apps. I’m going to start my development blog soon using GitHub just to get myself started but I been practicing.

Following a tutorial to make a Responsive Website

Enough about that, let’s talk about the fun stuff. I been working on music and hoping to get some free time to play my Starcraft again. Today, I just ate some hot pot and played games like usual.

No more becoming a rapper (I’ll perform and write stuff still) . Time to look for a professional job and make some monies.

I am torn between getting a Dell XPS 13 or an Asus Zenbook 13.3 (UX330ua). Looking for a cheap macbook alternative. Mainly something light and powerful. And for all you fanboys about Mac, don’t you worry, I can install OS X on almost anything. I done it before.

Yup, the life of me. I been working on my online portfolio so that will come soon.


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