New Laptop, New Car and New Goal

So with my new laptop and my dream to become a Digital Nomad gave me a new goal to achieve. With the University Bootcamp for Front End Development I feel that I can actually use the skills that I’m learning in class to actually be a developer. I know I can’t be as good as developers who has been doing this for years but I can get up there.

At my new job, I’m planning on working up to be a Front End Dev just to learn the ropes and study some frameworks. I need to keep up with current trends and modern web development to actually make it on my own.

My other goal is to make a small start up for web development with friend and classmate in the front end dev class. Nothing too big, not trying to become a fortune 500 company. But a small company where we are much like a family and given the freedom to just remotely wherever and whenever we want.

The vlogs that I been working on has been doing great, nothing very big, since I’m not really advertising it but I am getting it together with about 16 weeks left. I wonder what we will learn and what we can achieve by the end of the course.

Anyways my new laptop is a refurb Dell XPS 13 (9350) running Manjaro Linux. No dual boot. Straight Linux distro. I’m able to run Visual Studio Code and work on my short stories on here so it’s perfect. I also got a Civic Si 2012 because my mom wanted me to get a Honda if it was cheap enough to take to work. Why get a regular Honda if I can get an Si? My mom wouldn’t help me co-sign for a Type R. I’m about that VTEC K24 Life yo. Just kidding. I love my Nissans.

Anyways you guys will be hearing from me soon.



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