Artist of The Week : Hump Back (Emo/Indie Pop)


For fans of: The Wombats (UK) (pre-This Modern Glitch), Modern Baseball (US), MAMY (JP), Polkadot Stringrays (JP) and Aaron West & The Roaring Twenties (US)


Ever since I picked up their debut cd “”夜になったら” which can be bought on Amazon JP (Link Below). I been jamming this cd non stop. As one of my favorite bands from Japan, alongside Split end and Nature Living, I put them as one of the catchiest pop punk bands I have ever listened to.

Helping with my studies for the JLPT N4, listening to Japanese music has increased my memory for listening and decoding words I have already learned. Singing along is pretty cool too especially when you can hit all the notes with the correct prounication. Labeled by many as an  “All-Girl Rock Band” which isn’t wrong but I wouldn’t use that as a genre as I have seen many use that to describe their sound, especially when comments are like “They sound like a girl rock band” or “They have that girl rock sound” Like what does that even mean? But that argument is for another story. I would classify them as an emo/indie pop band. They remind me of the old Wombats, another indie pop band from England before they went more pop. For anyone who understands Japanese, their lyrics seems to be towards the emo sound while trying to keep that indie pop sound. So you can hear the catchyness while drowning yourself in sorrows.

I’m not hating or anything, I’m all for emo music and Hump Back has brought that genre back alongside other bands including another Japanese band Split end, which do happened to be an “all girl rock band” but Split end would be more Emo than pop.

There are two music videos to celbrate their mini album release which one of them “嫌になる” is one of my favorites off the album. 月まで is also a music video and while I do like the song there are other songs off the cd that I enjoy more. My all time favorite from the cd is ” 短編小説” which in my opinion is the most catchiest song they have. The rest of the cd has some good hits. “夢の途中” has an interesting folkish sound with added “gang vocals” for emphasis which is a staple in most punk music. It’s one of the slow ones but it’s a good song nonetheless. “いつか” starts out slow then goes into a fast pace punk rock sound for all you punk fans. “チープマンデー” this one reminds me of Polkadot Stringray and it’s a fun song to move to. “ぎんのうた” is probably the slowest song on the cd as it doesn’t have that much of a tempo change compared to “いつか”. “ヒーロー” is a similar track to “いつか”, starting out slow and picking up the pace later in the song. Catchy as hell still. “嫌になる” is my 2nd favorite off the cd and one of the lead singles from the band, it’s catchy and fun to sing along too. But don’t take my word for it, check them out here.


Rating: 8/10
Worth it?: YES.






One thought on “Artist of The Week : Hump Back (Emo/Indie Pop)

  1. Gonna check out MAMY after this, for sure 😀

    With regard to the whole “girl’s rock” thing (and this is coming from a guy with no musical background and is really just a fan of music in general), it doesn’t necessarily denote “pop” right away, rather it’s its own genre — which is, as you said, pretty much indie pop for the most part. It’s just “all girl rock bands” typically end up sounding pop-pier when they get signed/as time goes by, but the “girl’s rock” image remains (the band SCANDAL is nice case study for this)

    短編小説 was an early favorite of mine as well! But, over time (and after countless playthroughs) I fell in love ヒーロー quite a bit. These would be my top two from the album, but they’re all just good songs really. Vocals especially。Oh, did yo happen to see their earlier MV for a song called サーカス? That’s the song that initially brought my attention to Hump Back. I /really/ wish they re-release that track some time in the future.

    (By the by, I also made a translation for ぎんのうた 🙂 )


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