Guild Ball and New Music

So I started writing new music for my next mixtape that I will drop next year but in the mean time I been playing Guild Ball every weekend and it feels like it’s something I can invest my free time into. Well besides playing FFXIV.


So Guild Ball is a 1v1 tabletop game where you pit 2 guilds (teams) against each other. It’s like a mix of soccer/rugby. You try to score points and knock people out hoping you can get a win. It’s made from Steamforged and it’s a really competitive game. I wouldn’t consider this tabletop wargaming as you don’t have to shell out hundreds of dollars just to play with a bunch of miniatures. Guild Ball is played on a 3×3 board/mat with only 6 models per team. Simple. It’s cheap compared to most games. 75$ can score you a 6 man team or 70$ for two teams from the starter set. As you can see here we are playing for beer and it’s been a pretty fun game. We played up to 6 points cause of time restrictions but it was fun overall. I’m hoping to actually play this game competitively and win tournaments yo.



What you see here is stuff from the Kick-Off Starter Box and that is worth the money especially for newer players wanting to get into the game. Anyways I’m off to have some fun and see you guys again soon.


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