My upcoming RPG/GOALS

So I been working hard when I can on my RPG that I been planning out for the past year. It’s a short RPG that can be finished in just a few hours. Something simple for me to test the engine. I have some other plans as well for upcoming games and I’m pretty stoked about the new Visual Novel Maker that Degica/Kadokawa are releasing.

I started writing my novel that I been putting off for years and I’m finally getting back into it. I just recently started writing short stories again. I’m planning on submitting one for a short story contest. I’m also been searching for an artist for a long term collaboration project. I been sucked into Eromanga-sensei and been drawing out a storyboard for a light novel series.

My goal is to go to Japan in 2019 to study, make new friends and continue my life as a professional web developer/writer.

I know my music game hasn’t been good lately but I’m planning on releasing possibly 2 more mixtapes alongside a “A Collection of Mess” again for my 10th Anniversary project as Dj Knite X.

Anyways, my latest mixtape has been out which can be downloaded @

my first verison of my portfolio is online which you can check out @


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