About Me

Who Am I?


Music Projects: Dj Knite X (Hip-Hop/DJ) , Nikki X & The Professor’s Umbrella (Indie/Emo)

I’m Nikki Xaysanasy aka Dj Knite X. I’m a DJ and a rapper from Northwest Arkansas. My hobbies are reading, writing, and playing games. I love animals. I’m pretty crazy. Welcome to my blog of random stuff. I currently have an online portfolio which you can view at http://nikkix.me

solong123  cdcoveryeah

I am a year 26 old sad boy who has experienced every thing from generic high school life to countless heartbreaks. Early in life I wanted to be a detective but as I got older I didn’t know what I wanted to do. I wanted to be a writer, a musician, someone who doesn’t have to work. I had more jobs than I can count on my fingers within the last 3 years and it drives me crazy. I fell in love with Web Development and I started my career with that.


So what do I have to say? I’m just a regular asian kid with big aspirations to succeed, to find a woman I trust, and to have friends I can grow up with.  I like to read, write, and play games. I can play multiple instruments, I was also a Radio and Club DJ for a bit. I’m retired from DJing and went to becoming a rapper. I have released 3 mixtapes, some good, some bad. I still love to perform and love to jump around like I’m a crazy person.

My favorite foods are Italian and Japanese. But I love all kinds of food. Except for duck. I really hate duck. I’m still wanting to travel and hopefully with the girl I love.

I am Nikki X, maybe you heard of me? 

Welcome to my blog, I hope you enjoy it



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