How my Japanese studies are going.

So for the past week I been studying Japanese again. I remember all my Hiragana but I have yet to review Katakana. Some Kanji I remember but 99% of the ones I’m supposed to know and write I really don’t know. I been using Mondly for my daily lessons and using memrise for flash cards. I’m going to relearn all my grammar and then maybe I’ll tackle the JLPT N4 this year.

Anyways, nothing new with me but I got a new job at JB Hunt as an Operations Office Technician. Working my way up towards becoming a Developer for a big company!



Playing DQ6 and studying Japanese.

Following my friend over at We both decided to relearn our Japanese and hopefully tackle the JLPT! I already passed the N5 during my University days but it’s time to come back and put my Minor to use. I have a minor in Japanese with Business Orientation. So technically speaking I should be able to live in Japan, passed the N3, and work in a company. But… I didn’t study hard enough so I’m pretty much back to Intermediate. I remember some vocab, kanji and grammar tenses.


Playing DQ6 and studying Japanese during break time

I don’t have the Japanese IME installed on my laptop at the time of writing this post so I’m going to copy and paste this. So let’s study Japanese together yo.


I still got my N5 book too so maybe I’ll catch up on that before I take the N4.


MY ARTIST OF THE WEEK: American Football – EMO-Math Rock from Illnois

With their latest release in 2016, their LP2 (It’s really just called American Football), has been in my head since then. I picked up their latest vinyl from a local store and haven’t even opened it yet. American Football was one of a kind. If you read some of the comments from their videos, they been colloquially known as “emo dad rock” or “sad dad rock”. They been around since the late 90s to early 2000s and broke up. They reunited 16 years ago and dropped this album. While their latest release doesn’t give me a warmth feeling it does hold a special place in my heart. There isn’t a “Never Meant” on this album but it does have their ups and downs. I would say this is more like Owen (Mike Kinsella’s side project who is the lead singer of AF) but it’s still pretty good.

Never Meant has been parodied into memes so many times it has become a staple in the community.

The opening riff to this song/album is amazing and it gets you going. You can kind of expect what’s going to be played next. Though it may sound repetitive, it’s actually pretty technical in terms of the tunings the band is playing in. This is American Football’s most famous song.



Home is Where The Haunt is, is one of my favorite songs from their latest release. This release might have gotten some hate saying that it’s not comparable to their first release I say it has it’s charms. It’s catchy, it’s laid back and helps me code. I’m getting pretty old and these guys are old as well… Listening to them gives me a melancholy feeling and I somewhat like it. I mean I don’t want to be sad but sometimes it’s nice to feel sad.



I’ve Been So Lost For So Long is another good song to a goofy music video. Anyways, if you guys are a fan of this kind of music go ahead and step in to the world of sad dad rock. You can listen to them where music is available.

Official Website:

Can be found on: Spotify, Amazon, iTunes, and many more.

My Dream Job

You wanna know what my dream job is? My dream job is to have a “No-Show” Job. Doesn’t even matter what kind of job it is, I can be a toilet inspector and as I know as I have the No-Show title, I’m set.

But to be serious, I’m working on becoming a Web Developer. I’m hoping to land a Front-End Dev Job by the end of the year and my end game goal to be a Full Stack Developer making web apps. I’m going to start my development blog soon using GitHub just to get myself started but I been practicing.

Following a tutorial to make a Responsive Website

Enough about that, let’s talk about the fun stuff. I been working on music and hoping to get some free time to play my Starcraft again. Today, I just ate some hot pot and played games like usual.

No more becoming a rapper (I’ll perform and write stuff still) . Time to look for a professional job and make some monies.

I am torn between getting a Dell XPS 13 or an Asus Zenbook 13.3 (UX330ua). Looking for a cheap macbook alternative. Mainly something light and powerful. And for all you fanboys about Mac, don’t you worry, I can install OS X on almost anything. I done it before.

Yup, the life of me. I been working on my online portfolio so that will come soon.

My Artist of the Week: Split end – Emo/Indie Band from Japan

Bands I think they are similar to:  Have Mercy, The Early November, Modern Baseball

So I discovered this band on Youtube when I was just surfing. One suggestion led to another and I came across this band. ロストシー (Lost Sea) the first song I heard from them, I expected it to be a a catchy indie band, but when the drop came at 0:17, I was hooked. I was like okay okay I can dig this. From that moment, I was like “They have that Have Mercy sound” As I progressed to their other songs, such as レインコート (Raincoat), a song that sounds really similar to The Early November’s debut EP “For All of This”. This band is really catchy and I have yet to purchase any of their music since most indie bands from Japan is rarely on iTunes or Spotify. Good news is that there is a website that sells music from Japan that will ship worldwide. One of the most interesting things about this band is the all-female quartet. Most bands nowadays consists mainly of male members with the exceptions of female leads. Since music has been evolving there has been many bands/artists where they would compete with their male counter-parts. (Paramore for example with the pop-punk/rock scene). Split end is not as big as other female bands such as Band-Maid or Scandal but I’m glad to hear some fresh indie music instead of the usual pop music from Japan. I been jamming these guys almost everyday these past week and I need more of this. Give them a listen as I will link their music videos below. I hope to be able to review an official release from them as I am craving for more music. Tune in next week for another “My Artist of the Week.”

I recommend this band if you like: Emo/Indie music, wants to listen to indie bands from Japan or interested in listening to an all female band.

Music Videos:

ロストシー (Lost Sea)


レインコート (Raincoat)



Official Youtube

Official Twitter

Going back to school, full time blogger?

Going back to school to be a front-end developer and well eventually work towards back end development to become a full-stack developer. `I’m also thinking of opening up a new blog site and work from there. Anyways, I’m still playing games and doing my thing. I have a couple of performances this year as well as DJing gigs.


Gotta be doing my things and stuff. Anyways, I only post about once a month on this blog just to keep it going but my next blog idea will be a “full time” thing. Who knows what it will be.

Catch you guys later.

My BMS Journey and the return to DJing.

I started playing IIDX again but since it’s kind of hard to play in the arcades around here and I’m bored of the songs on the PS2 I decided to play BMS where the community is still striving. It took awhile to setup and my 5th Dan IIDX (As of Copula) skills didn’t transfer over and I had to start over. BMS is a lot harder. So hopefully I can learn from this and take over when I go back to a Round 1 to play some IIDX.

LR2 2017-06-07 23-08-45
I got Shodan (Lowest possible Grade)

I actually lost to the Shodan course twice yesterday and it was embarrassing because of what my actual skill is. But after a couple hours of practice I was able to come back.


LR2 2017-06-08 00-52-28.png
4th Dan, Working my way up!

Eventually I was warmed up to play the harder courses. I failed at the last stage for 5th Dan but I was able to clinch the win for 4th Dan. So it looks like my skills are coming back and I’m hoping to be able to save my scores and post them here to be the best Music Game Player in Arkansas. (I also play DDR, Pump It Up, and Voez)

Anyways for my new DJing equipment. I’m getting two Pioneer PLX-1000s and a Traktor Z2. I do love my Traktor.

My return to gaming, poker, and music

With my recent coming out of esports retirement, I decided to play Starcraft competitively again. I currently play for an amateur team for SC2, Formless Bearsloths in CTL and I play for Team Sky Nite for Brood War. Aside from that I got back into playing poker after a year of absence. I went to the poker room at a nearby casino and man did I miss playing on the felt. I sat down like I was Daniel Negreanu, cracking jokes and being socialable. I wasn’t called the Asian Negreanu for no reason. Anyways, I played well with $100 that my uncle gave me and I was able to pay him back and pocket my winnings. I’m deciding to re-study poker and hit the felt again in the summer.

I met up with a new producer who seems keen in working with me for my next project so I’m kind of excited about that. I’m planning on a DIY summer tour as well. Oh yeah, I’m also going back to school for Front End Development.