My return to gaming, poker, and music

With my recent coming out of esports retirement, I decided to play Starcraft competitively again. I currently play for an amateur team for SC2, Formless Bearsloths in CTL and I play for Team Sky Nite for Brood War. Aside from that I got back into playing poker after a year of absence. I went to the poker room at a nearby casino and man did I miss playing on the felt. I sat down like I was Daniel Negreanu, cracking jokes and being socialable. I wasn’t called the Asian Negreanu for no reason. Anyways, I played well with $100 that my uncle gave me and I was able to pay him back and pocket my winnings. I’m deciding to re-study poker and hit the felt again in the summer.

I met up with a new producer who seems keen in working with me for my next project so I’m kind of excited about that. I’m planning on a DIY summer tour as well. Oh yeah, I’m also going back to school for Front End Development.

My amateur gaming career

Now that I finished a mixtape and began writing music for my acoustic project, I decided to start getting to Brood War because of the remastered being released this summer. I made a BW journal and will update at least once a week and it’s pretty much me talking about the game and analyzing replays. I’m going to try and bring eSports to Arkansas as well as host online tournaments. I also started playing Hearthstone again because of the bigger competitive scene compared to other small esports, also it’s not a team game so a 1v1 is perfect for me. Anyways if you guys are interested catch on twitch @


BW Journal:

New Updates

I’m still waiting on 2 verses to complete my next mixtape so the mixtape has been delayed. MMIMU is in the pre-mastering stages and just need a few more tweaks before its release.

I’m reviving my acoustic projects and hoping to bring you a lot more music this year!

I also have been streaming and uploading a lot to my personal youtube recently. Check out my stream @ and also my youtube @

I also started a gofundme if anyone is interested.

My new podcast is available at:

My Mind is Made Up – Demos

Dropping the full/finished/raw mixtape in January of 2017. A mixtape to begin the start of a new year. I dubbed myself an alternative hip-hop/indie artist. #hiphopisnotdead

My Mind Is Made Up is a personal mixtape about trying to find who I am, personal problems, broken hearts, girls, friends, and family.


1. My Mind is Made Up (Intro by The Wonder Years)
2. In Your Head (Pragmatic Theory)
3. Ecruteak City (Elyon)
4. Hello, How Are You Ft. Shoko & The MSG KID (Hoehoe-P)
5. Luvsic (Part 4 by Shing02 & Nujabes)
6. Imagination Forest Ft. Shoko (Shizen no Teki-P)
7. Can’t Stay Here Ft. Wondae (Spence Mills)
8. Cut Off-Line Ft. The tSn Crew (40-MP)
9. R.I.P Ft. Temp0 (Childish Gambino)
10. Karakuri Pierrot Ft. Shoko & The MSG KID (40-MP)
11. Evening Interludes Ft. The MSG KID (Shou)
12. Play It Loud Ft. Divine Low-Life (Freedom by Elyon)
13. Private Eye (Cameron E)
14. The Name of Life (Sprited Away by Wyi)

Listen to it here! 1/13/2017


Time to go pro in Starcraft and Overwatch.

I been signed on for the starcraft 2 coverage team.

eSports, eSports, and more eSports.

New song from my mixtape is coming soon

Music Services

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Services included:

DJ for events/parties: $300 for evening (Will negotiate with customer)

Mixing/Editing/Recording Music/Vocals: $10 per project ($60 for an EP (5-7 songs) or $100 for an LP (8-13 songs)

For Booking:

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