Guild Ball and New Music

So I started writing new music for my next mixtape that I will drop next year but in the mean time I been playing Guild Ball every weekend and it feels like it's something I can invest my free time into. Well besides playing FFXIV. So Guild Ball is a 1v1 tabletop game where you... Continue Reading →


Artist of The Week : Hump Back (Emo/Indie Pop)

For fans of: The Wombats (UK) (pre-This Modern Glitch), Modern Baseball (US), MAMY (JP), Polkadot Stringrays (JP) and Aaron West & The Roaring Twenties (US)   Ever since I picked up their debut cd "''夜になったら'' which can be bought on Amazon JP (Link Below). I been jamming this cd non stop. As one of my... Continue Reading →

How my Japanese studies are going.

So for the past week I been studying Japanese again. I remember all my Hiragana but I have yet to review Katakana. Some Kanji I remember but 99% of the ones I'm supposed to know and write I really don't know. I been using Mondly for my daily lessons and using memrise for flash cards.... Continue Reading →

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